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The Public University of Navarre, International Campus of Excellence,  was set up in 1987 on the initiative of the Parliament of Navarre. The new University was born out of a number of already existing courses, some of which had been taught in Navarre since the 19th century. The Public University of Navarre has two campuses: Pamplona (the capital of the region, Navarre) and Tudela (the second town in Navarre in terms of population).

In Pamplona, most of the University’s activities take place on the Arrosadia campus. It covers just over 250,000 square metres and has facilities that provide the right environment for work, study and the social life of its students. The campus is located in a large area where around a hundred different species of trees and plants grow.

Izaskun Andueza
Public University of Navarre
Arrosadia Kanpusa
31.006 Pamplona-Iruña (Spain)