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Midland Heart is one of the top ten housing and care organisations based in the UK.
Our work involves; supporting those who need help to live independently, assisting in regenerating communities and helping an individual to discover their own abilities just as much as it involves providing and maintaining homes for more than 70,000 people with maximum customer involvement. We own and manage more than 32,000 homes across 54 local authority areas and invest in excess of £100 million each year in our neighbourhoods. We transform lives and communities through housing care and more!

We currently have a partnership with Anawim to help the most vulnerable women in Birmingham have a successful transition to an independent life and to reunite where possible with their children. We have a ‘direct let’ agreement with Anawim whereby they can refer suitable women for one of our homes, and they provide the support to help the women maintain their tenancy. To date, every referral through this route has proved successful.

Gail Walters
Head of Community Engagement
Midland Heart
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