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ALF is a centre for training for employment and has, in the last ten years, been a central, innovative and active contributor in the field of rehabilitation for persons with mental ill-health and social or drug-related problems.

Our 50 employees are our most vital resource, with a high degree of expert competence, motivation and working for solutions. We create these solutions together with our partners at the Employment Office, Bergen City Council, Bergen Health Authority and industry in and around the city.

Project Aurora

We are currently engaged in Project Aurora, which is a joint effort between Bergen Prison and ALF AS, which gives Aurora the unique opportunity of maintaining contact and working with women prisoners throughout their sentence. Following the participant closely through the criminal justice system and into goal oriented aftercare is one of the projects strengths. This extensive work method is supported by research, which shows positive results from using this type of method.

The project is based on the premise that quality comprehensive services and programs in prisons and after release from confinement, contribute to successful rehabilitation. However the availability and quality of these services often do not match the needs of women within the correctional services. Women are found to be in a particularly vulnerable position with regards to substance abuse problems, background, needs during confinement and gender specific needs.

Aurora is a new and unique project in response to these needs, which focuses on women before, during and after a prison sentence. The project accommodates women with, and without a substance abuse problem.  Each woman will have an individual contact working with them.

The area of expertise for the project is the follow-up and planning of each woman’s incarceration in addition to motivational work towards drug rehabilitation, housing issues, work training and education. We also focus on physiological and psychological health and physical activity; motivational groups and creative groups are part of the activities we offer. We also aim towards finding and introducing already existing services, and helping the women manoeuver through society with better coping skills. Aurora bases its work on two important government documents; Tilbakeførings garantien og Samhandlingsreformen (see:

The ability to make informed choices can increase control and improve quality of life.  Aurora wishes to contribute to this experience by giving participants correct information and offering motivational conversations on self-defined challenges. The meeting between Aurora and the participant is on her terms and on her initiative. Together with the participant and Bergen prison we make plans through Aurora’s three stages (prior to, during and after a prison sentence) in order to make the transition from prison back to society as smooth as possible.

Aurora also focuses on identifying structural differences within the criminal justice system in order to make sure women are treated equally and fairly. On the grounds of existing research and its own observations the project encourages further research and documentation on these challenges. The project also seeks to contribute to this field of research by presenting our observations and building our expertise on the subject.  Being a collaboration project Aurora seeks to build this expertise and find solutions to existing problems together with the correctional services.

Åshild Austegard
Project Worker
Tel: 0047 479 27671

Anja Holst
Project worker /criminologist
Tel: 0047 479 27671

Project Aurora
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